What we do?

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From establishing maintenance and ground support partnerships, to aggressively investing in education and training of personnel, Revilo Aerospace’s approach of building a localized, company-direct presence in West Africa is not only ensuring current airlines consistent levels of service, but also helping to mature the business aviation industry here leading to expansion as a new gateway for future business, commercial and tourism endeavors.

The overall objective of Revilo Aerospace services offering to customers is to save downtime costs and improve aircraft availability. Aircraft availability is a measure of a customer fleet in a state of functioning (SoFu) at given time. When aircraft is in a state of failure (SoFa), it requires time to supply (TTS) +time to repair (TTR) to bring it back to the state of functioning (SoFu).

Aircraft downtime=time to supply (TTS) +time to repair (TTR).

Going by the above analysis, in order to reduce downtime and subsequently increase Aircraft availability, the maintenance manager must reduce the TTS and TTR.To achieve this, ideally the maintenance manager should stockpile the supply support he needs as well as ensure availability of various skilled maintenance personnel. In reality though, this approach has costs implication that might erode the gain accrued from the reduction in downtime.

The best approach is for the maintenance manager to identify the supply support and certain skills of the maintenance personnel he seldom uses. He then can outsource these requirements to Revilo Aerospace. That way, the maintenance manager saves the carrying costs of redundancies.

Revilo has developed different types of materials and manpower support agreement to meet the needs of a wide range of customers with various operating requirements.

REVILO has supply support relationship with OEM for the purpose of technical documents and tool. These are ;the Pratt and Whitney, Honeywell Group, Goodrich Aerospace, the Boeing company,etc.